The Great LOVE Debate

October 15, 2008

For the advent of Fall, the markets came crashing
And Wall St. and i-banks all got a thrashing.

Predator lenders approved imprudent loans
To millions of debtors now losing their homes.

Bush and his cronies sent your children to battle
And ran up a deficit while their wallets grew fatter.

The environment is suffering from severe lack of care
Because lipsticked pooches don’t like polar bears.

Health care, schmealth care…it’s all a big joke
To insurance lobbyists who make sure it stays broke.

Of the countless problems, we’ve enumerated a few
But enough is enough, so here’s what to do:

Tonight, at B-Bar, come and watch the final debate
On a nice big screen to witness Obama declare, “Checkmate!”

We know what’s at stake
There’s no room for mistake
Take out the G.O.P.
And tell them R.I.P.

Get Barack in the Oval Office
And make way for positive change and progress!

After the debate, which Obama will have won,
We’ll all let loose and have some serious fun!!

**Proceeds tonight will go to Senator Obama’s campaign
To ensure things get fixed and don’t remain the same.**

LOVE Screens the Final Debate
15 October 2008
B-Bar & Grill
40 E. 4th Street (@ Bowery)
DJ Gabby & guest DJ Sophie
* for dinner reservations, call 212 475 2220…say “LOVE Debate” *


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